WHAT to expect on sundays

When you arrive, enter through the main entrance to Middleburg Elementary School from Blanding Blvd. You can park in the bus circle in front of the cafeteria entrance. You’ll find people dressed many different ways, from casual attire to “Sunday Best.” However you choose to dress, you’ll fit right in.

You’ll be welcomed by friendly people who will greet you, familiarize you with the facility, and answer any questions you may have. We’ll have water, coffee, and light refreshments available, if you’re interested. You’ll be asked to complete a guest card at some point (which you are welcome to decline). Don’t worry; we won’t spam you.

At 10:00 AM, Sunday School classes begin separately for children, teenagers, and adults. They’ll end at approximately 10:50, and we’ll take a brief intermission before the worship service at 11:00 AM. Our song selection can include anything from hymns, to KLOVE songs, to gospel songs, and more. After worship, someone will speak (typically Pastor Michael), and everyone will be given a chance to respond to the message.

Following service, we generally hang around and fellowship for a while, but if you need to slip out, that’s perfectly fine. You’ll be presented with a small gift before you leave.


What to expect on wednesdays

Wednesday night LifeConnect Groups are a much more casual experience. We meet and mingle at 7:00 PM. We normally get started with the Bible Study around 7:15 PM. Each month has a theme, and all of the lessons from that month relate to the theme. The lesson is designed to be interactive, with question and answer opportunities throughout . The group leader will end promptly by 8:00 PM so you can get home and get some rest before the work day on Thursday. We understand you are probably pressed for time, so please, dress casually. We will, too.

On the first Wednesday of each month, we take a break from LifeConnect to gather for a church-wide prayer meeting. This takes place at 7:00 PM.

During that same hour, children will have an opportunity to enjoy a Bible-based video on their level.



Do you know what day you plan to check us out? We’d love to meet you at the door and help you get comfortable!

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